The Department of Justice was set up towards the end of 2014 by means of Legal Notice 402.14.

The functions of the Department are those of co-ordinating, supporting and monitoring those areas in the justice sector which do not fall under the remit of the Courts of Justice Department​ but which however pertain to the administration of justice, thereby enabling the Courts of Justice Department​​ to focus more on Court management and judicial proceedings.

Our Mission Statement
To co-ordinate, support and monitor the functions of a number of areas in the justice sector within the Department of Justice’s remit.

Our Objectives
    • to provide support and advice to the Ministry responsible for Justice on matters relating to justice affairs;
• to provide support services to entities in the justice system;
    • to compile and maintain an updated register of persons interested in serving as court experts;
• to process applications under statutory and non-statutory obligations;
• to co-ordinate on matters relating to support to victims of crime;
• to review and report on the performance and efficiency of the courts and tribunals involved in the administration of justice and to collect, maintain and analyse statistics related thereto;
• to liaise with any commission, tribunal, department or other entity on matters relating to justice;
• to facilitate the appointment or re appointment of Chairpersons and Members on Boards and Tribunals related to the justice sector;
• to lead the implementation of projects and initiatives falling within the Department’s remit;
• to monitor the Justice Scoreboard of the European Commission;
• to propose and embark on projects to improve the efficiency and the quality of the justice system.