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Chapter 326

To make provision for the establishment and functions of a permanent commission against corruption, and for purposes connected therewith.
4th October, 1988
ACT XXII of 1988, as amended by Acts XXIV of 1995 and III of 2002;
Legal Notice 424 of 2007; and Act VIII of 2015.
1. The short title of this Act is the Permanent Commission Against Corruption Act.
2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires -
"Commission" means the Permanent Commission Against Corruption established under article 3; "corrupt practice" has the meaning assigned to it in article 6; "public officer" means the holder of any public office or a person appointed to act in any such office, and includes not only the constituted authorities, civil and military, but also all such persons as are lawfully appointed to administer any part of the executive power of the Government, or to perform any other public service imposed by law, whether it be judicial, administrative or mixed; members of the House of Representatives; any person who is entrusted with or has functions relating to the administration of a statutory body having a distinct legal personality, any council, Board, panel, committee or other similar body established by any law, or who is employed with such a body; and includes, in relation to any act or omission during the tenure of such post, any person who, within a period of twelve years before or at any time after the coming into force of this Act, was a public officer; "statutory body" means any corporation or other body corporate established by law.

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