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   What is a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a legal document that authorizes another person called a mandatory to act on behalf of the person who created the power of attorney known as the mandator in the event that the mandator cannot make those decisions himself or herself.
How do I terminate a General Power of Attorney or Special  Power of Attorney (s) with regards to immovable property?
The Revocation of these mandates is only applicable:
(a) With regards to mandates entered into between people. Therefore Companies, entities etc.. are excluded.
(b) with regards to all general power of attorneys between people;
(c) with regards to special power of attorneys the subject of which concerns only immovable property. So special power of attorneys regarding movables or those used for bank transactions (e.g. to encash pension cheques) are excluded. In the latter case these will have to be revoked by notifying the respective banks.
You will need to fill in one of the two forms provided by the Office of the Notary to Government. The forms are: Form RPG (Revocation of General Power of Attorney) or Form RPS (Revocation of Special Power of Attorney). In both cases you will need to present your identity card. In the case of the RSP Form you will need to provide a copy of the particular special power of attorney. 
Applications are at a charge of €50
Processing Time
The Office of the Notary to Government will process all applications online from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) up till 15.00.  The list of applications will be updated online everyday.

The Office of the Notary to Government will not be liable for any use of power of attorneys where the applications for the revocation of such mandates will not have been inputted online everyday up till 15.30.

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