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Statement by The Ministry For Justice, Equality and Governance

Free of charge Mediation prior to initiating cases before the Rent Regulation Board​

Four legal notices have been published today. The rationale for these legal notices is to mediate following the initiation of cases in connection with leases signed on and prior 31 May 1995 before the Rent Regulation Board.

One of the legal notices is to put into force a number of regulations with the sole purpose of establishing the necessary legal framework procedure that has to be followed so that mandatory mediation for ‘old’ or ‘protected’ leases can be done more effectively.

Another legal notice provides regulation fees payable to lawyers and professionals who provide their service during the mediation process, which fees apply in case the party does not otherwise agree with his lawyer.

The last legal notice amends the Tariff of Fees Regulations of the Mediation Act which provides that the applicable registration fee for disputes referred to the Mediation Centre by the Rent Regulating Board is free of charge.

These amendments came into effect following the Minister for Justice, Equality and Governance Edward Zammit Lewis inauguration of the new Mediation Centre in Merchants Street Valletta last June. As a result, the citizen can now choose not to go to Court and resolve these disputes. The Mediation Centre is going to assist in speeding up the judicial processes of our country and thus the citizen will be served in the best possible way, with cheaper justice and less delay.

Legal notices may be accessed through the links below:

Legal Notice 1

Legal Notice 2

Legal Notice 3

Legal Notice 4​