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New Mediation Centre

A new Mediation Centre was inaugurated in Valletta on 5th June 2020 to assist citizens who want to settle civil, commercial or industrial disputes and do not wish to go to Court. This Mediation Centre was set up with the purpose of providing a forum where two or more parties can voluntarily submit a request for mediation to the Centre. In the process, a mediator acts as an impartial third party with the aim of facilitating negotiations between the parties in order to help them resolve their disputes by reaching a voluntary and timely agreement.
Dr Mark Attard Montalto, Chairperson of the Centre, stated that during the last two years the Mediation Centre saw positive results as many Maltese and Gozitans are being served by this system with justice, within an expeditious time and less costs.
During the opening of this centre, Minister for Justice, Equality and Governance Dr Edward Zammit Lewis announced that soon legal notices would be published which will introduce the compulsory mediation process for rental agreements that were signed and agreed on and before the 31st May 1995. So far, mediation processes are on a voluntary basis.
Persons opting for a mediation process are required to access the Centre’s website, complete the eForm and submit online. A mutually acceptable mediator is then chosen by both parties. If parties fail to agree, the Centre will then choose a mediator accordingly. Parties will receive a notification when they are requested to commence the mediation process.