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Criteria for Appointment to the Judiciary

​​IN EXERCISE of the powers granted by sub-article (8) of Article 96A of the Constitution of Malta the Judicial Appointment’s Committee with the concurrence of the Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government is publishing the following:

The Criteria which the Committee has adopted for the purpose of evaluations made in accordance with Article 96A of the Constitution with regards to the eligibility and merit for appointment to the Judiciary are the following:  

     ​ Eligibility requirements:

  1. Number of years in the practice of the profession of advocate in Malta as established by the Constitution;
  2. At the time of evaluation the person must be in possession of a valid warrant to practice as an advocate in Malta and must not be precluded from appointment as a member of the judiciary by any legal impediment;

    Evaluation Criteria:

  3. Ability to express oneself in the Maltese and English Languages and ability to communicate in a clear and concise manner;
  4. Integrity, correctness and honesty in public and private life;
  5. Knowledge of the law, of court procedures, and professional experience.
  6. Industriousness, ability to work under pressure, diligence, analytical and decision making ability.
  7. Impartiality and independence.
  8. Absence of involvement in commercial or business activity and absence of a financial situation which raises doubt about the person’s ability to perform judicial duties in a proper manner.
  9. Ability to work in a collegial environment.
  10. Knowledge of the Code of Ethics for members of the Judiciary and willingness to undertake continuing professional development.