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Here you can access documents related to the implementation of the FOI Act. 
   Freedom Of Information Act (Cap.496) EN / MT 
   Code of Practice E​N​ / MT 
   S.L. 496.01 - - Fees charged by Public Authorities for Access to Documents Regulations, 2010. EN / MT​
   S.L. 496.02 -- Timeframes for Lodging Complaints and Requests for Investigation and Review Regulations, 2010. EN
   S.L. 496.03 -- Application and other Forms Regulations, 2010. EN / MT
   L.N. 156 of 2012 -- Entry into force EN / MT​

Requests/ Complaints received over the weekend or on public holidays will be addressed on the next working day. All references to "working days" in relation to the FOI Act should be understood as "Monday to Friday". ​

Personal Data is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation. For further information please access our Data Protection Policy from here.​​

Contact Information:

 Contact Name
Data Protection and Information Coordination Unit 
280, Level 3, 
Republic Street,