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Welcome to the webpage regarding the Freedom of Information Act 

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act (Cap. 496) establishes the right to the general public to information held by public authorities in order to promote added transparency and a​ccountability in government. ​

The general public may request documents held by Public Authorities. The Public Authority shall decide on your request within 20 working days. The FOI Act empowers you to escalate your request to the Information and Data Protection Commissioner, if you are not satisfied with the way the Public Authority handled your request. 

Every Public Authority has appointed an FOI Officer who shall handle requests for documents submitted by the public and represent the Public Authority on all matters related to the FOI Act. For a list of all the Public Authorities and their FOI Officers (including contact details) click here.​

In order to ensure correct implementation of the Act and to co-ordinate matters across government, a dedicated unit, the Data Protection and Information Coordination Unit was set up. More information on this unit can be found here.​ 

Please consult the FAQ section on the FOIA, so that you are aware of your rights in the context of this law. More information on how to make a request can be found here.​ 

IMPORTANT - The Data Protection and Information Coordination Unit regularly updates the database of contact details as set up for the purpose of the FOIA implementation. The Contact Lists section may be subject to changes from time to time. If no contact is assigned or if you cannot reach the public authority by email, please send your query or request to​ 

You may wish to contact the Data Protection and Information Coordination Unit​ on +356 2247 8200.​​
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Contact Information:

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Data Protection and Information Coordination Unit 
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