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Mission Statement


The aim of the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government is to carry out our objectives in an efficient and effective manner.  In this respect we are responsible:


  • to promote and develop a secure, just and inclusive society where every citizen’s rights and freedoms are safeguarded in an equitable and secure environment;
  •  to work together with the different cultural identities to create ideas and foster innovation in arts and audiovisuals thus giving rise towards a creative economy; 
  • to maintain and safeguard our cultural heritage and also export both our tangible and intangible historical assets through various channels  and through UNESCO; 
  • to guide, monitor and co-ordinate the smooth functioning of the Local Councils while providing on-going training and support towards staff development;


 The Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government is committed to continually improve on the services it offers. The Ministry works closely with the Better Regulation Unit and the Commissioner for Simplification and Reduction of Bureaucracy, to ensure that Better Regulation principles and procedures are applied consistently throughout the Ministry.​


Contact Information

Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government
Old Bakery Street,
Valletta, Malta